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International Education Board is Now Recognised by Board of Quality Standards Cyprus EU

The Board of Quality Standards is an independent international quality assurance regulator and a member of the international quality assurance agencies for higher education (INQAAHE). The organization is an independent international legal personality governed by a charter to serve as Quality Assurance Authoritative Body to promote quality assurance in Higher education and certification bodies.

The BQS is an independent quality management Accreditation and certification body for ISO standards complying with the accreditation requirement of ISO 17021. The organization is also an international network of professionals on quality assurance and curriculum accreditation.

BQS is an international agency responsible for the provision of information. expert opinion on qualifications, quality certification worldwide and sorely dedicated to quality assurance in Higher educational curriculum and management development of institutions and is also an advocate of quality assurance, good practice, responsibility, competence, dissemination of information, experiences, and good practices in the field of quality assurance (QA).

The BQS‘s purpose is to protect, promote and maintain Quality Assurance in institutions by ensuring proper standards in the practice of Quality Assurance. The international advisory council (IAC) is the governing body of the BQS and is responsible for the overall control of the International organization.

Furthermore, BQS complies with the accreditation requirements of ISO 17021, ISO Guide 53, ISO Guide 65, and ISO Guide 67 set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). They are now endorsed by 159 countries and are globally accepted standards for accreditation and certification bodies.

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