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Children's Race

International Education Board is working on Child Brain Development Nutrition for the betterment of children's mental and physical health.

Thus IEBDPS organizes in its every accredited School

"Comprehensive & Annual School Nutrition and Brain Development activity Camps"

under our division Body Calculation.

In this program, we will analyze through assessments the nutritional influences on a Child's Memory, Concentration, and Cognitive Function. And work on boosting a child's IQ through Nutrients. As well as we track child growth with Body Composition Analysis.

This Program is totally based on Analysis and Assessment of Child. Parents Participation is must for Assessments.

Body Calculation mainly focus on Children's Nutrition and Diet consultancy and are now focusing to take it from Pre Primary School level through Child and Brain development nutrition camps.

  • We are Alliance Member of British Dietetics Association (UK).

  • We are Associate member of American Society for Nutrition.

  • Professional Member of American Nutrition Association.

  • Executive Member of International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

  • We have more than 100+ Nutritionist and Dietitian associated with us internationally.


​All our activities are focused on enhancing our childrens health. Our core competence is Nutrition and Diet related risk handling coupled with the necessary interdisciplinary expert management of processes and experts.

Our performance commitments – reliable competence and quality in all processes – are achieved by employing a centrally controlled experienced team of experts handling specialists across world. These commitments are underpinned and supported by transparent company structures, clearly defined processes and a centralized, uniform IT system.

This allows us to provide high quality advice even in complex matters and enables us to minimize costs in standard cases by utilizing IT-driven processes.


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