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International Education Board Accreditation is by invitation only membership to Pre Primary Schools that fulfill the Standards, Rules, and Parameter set by IEBDPS.

As a member Schools receive the following benefits:


  • Prestigious International Educational Board Accreditation and Membership.

  • Nutrition Checkup Camps & Parental consultancy with IEB grants.

  • Use of the IEB & IEBDPS name and logo which will authenticate your position as a world-leading Pre Primary School​​.​​​

  • IEB Developed Curriculum.

  • IEB Grants for Schools.

  • Strategic collaboration to increase Admissions.

  • Free listing and link on the International Education Board website.

  • Yearly Award Function on National and International Level. Access to networking events and educational documents.

  • Train the Trainer Program for School owners, Principle, & Teachers.

  • Regular Educational updates from IEB Education Committee.

  • Webinars & Workshop for teachers from our International faculty and members free of cost.

  • Chance to become a Board member.

  • International Exchange of professional knowledge and new developments in the industry.​​

  • Designing & Marketing team to help you out on Website, Social Media, Print Media/Stationery for Advertising.

  • Financial Assistant and consultancy to spread branches and increase capacity of School infrastructure.

  • Collaboration to take your Pre Primary school to next levels of Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary School.

  • IEB mission is to develop own curriculum for Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools in comming 3 to 5 years to make easy process for  members Pre Primary Schools who wishes to enter into Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools.

Accreditation Certificate

iebdps sample certificate.png
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