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IEB Department of Pre Primary School(IEBDPS) is a unique platform that brings together Pre-School, Pre-School staff and parents to deliver the best in Kindergarten education. The backbone of IEBDPS is a formidable and sound outline of accreditation standards based on years of scientific research and academic experience. These accreditation standards are applied to deliver standardization and improvement services in Pre-Schools. This process of association with Pre-School helps in developing and installing a self-improvement protocol in the Pre-Schools. These Pre-Schools in collaboration with IEBDPS, will then develop a pool of academically fit and socially-sensitized teachers and a learning community. They shall also demonstrate a marked improvement in the delivery of 'Early-childhood' education.

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IEB - International Education Board as a Global Certification Authority, we use our expertise in universities network management to support the implementation of quality assurance standard systems around the world. As accreditation systems have grown in size and global complexity, quality assurance systems have progressively evolved to a level where official certifications are required for operational standards recognition.

Besides traditional higher education channels, online and distance learning, vocational training and former learning recognition are relevant in the professional practice world. The dramatic change in worldwide higher education requires self-regulating institutions like IEB to improve the quality assurance mechanism.

IEB, International Education Board, recognizes higher education institutions for research performance, student services and teaching quality to enhance public confidence.  Our accreditation of higher education institutions, training schools, professional practice certifications is a voluntary, non-governmental quality assurance and institutional development process.


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